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 Kiwi Irrigation ltd specializes in irrigation systems for residential and commercial owners in Calgary and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a new system or service/improvements to your existing system.

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Why have a sprinkler system installed by Kiwi Irrigation?

We believe you should have the best- We are an irrigation specialist and we believe your yard deserves the best possible watering system. We take pride in our work and pay attention to small details that will ensure years of hassle free watering in the future

Our Sprinkler systems use less water- We design a system based on your soil type so that you do not have excessive water run off or pooling . We use separate zones for different areas of the yard because some areas require more water, other areas require less.

Your yard will have even water coverage- We design our system so that your sprinkler heads are properly spaced ensuring even coverage. Head to head sprinkler coverage is our standard practice. We properly calculate water coverage using what’s called ‘match precipitation rate’ so that each area is receiving the same amount of water.

Your Sprinkler system won’t need to be fixed- We use only the finest quality materials, not taking shortcuts with low quality components. Our sprinkler heads, valves, controllers and every component is designed to last.

We offer Backflow testing- A backflow test for a sprinkler system is required once a year by the City of Calgary. We are a certified backflow tester and will handle all of your future backflow testing; filing paperwork with the COC to make sure your sprinkler system is always up to code.

Your system will not be hard or expensive to maintain- We install a blow out valve with every system for easy winterization. We locate valves and wiring connections in areas that are easily accessible should they ever need to be repaired.

We have excellent follow up service- We offer a maintenance service of your system to make sure it is running at optimum performance every spring. We also winterize the system to prevent any ‘freeze breaks’.We are fully equipped to make fast and timely repairs during the watering season.

We clean up when were done- We repair any areas of your yard that were disturbed during an installation. We won’t leave dirt or debris on your sidewalks we feel your yard should look better when were done.

We offer a 3 year warranty- All components of your sprinkler system will be warranted a full 3 years from the time of installation. Our warranty is at no cost to you and covers both labor and materials should a repair be necessary.

                         Call or email today 403 809 1285